Data Fields
tommy_trie_inplace_node_struct Struct Reference

Trie node. More...

Data Fields

struct tommy_trie_inplace_node_structnext
 Next element. More...
struct tommy_trie_inplace_node_structprev
 Circular previous element. More...
void * data
 Pointer to the data. More...
tommy_key_t key
 Branches of the node. More...

Detailed Description

Trie node.

This is the node that you have to include inside your objects.

Field Documentation

struct tommy_trie_inplace_node_struct* tommy_trie_inplace_node_struct::next

Next element.

0 if it's the last.

struct tommy_trie_inplace_node_struct* tommy_trie_inplace_node_struct::prev

Circular previous element.

void* tommy_trie_inplace_node_struct::data

Pointer to the data.

tommy_key_t tommy_trie_inplace_node_struct::key

Branches of the node.

Used to store the key or the hash.

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