Data Fields
tommy_node_struct Struct Reference

Data structure node. More...

Data Fields

struct tommy_node_structnext
 Next node. More...
struct tommy_node_structprev
 Previous node. More...
void * data
 Pointer to the object containing the node. More...
tommy_key_t key
 Key used to store the node. More...

Detailed Description

Data structure node.

This node type is shared between all the data structures and used to store some info directly into the objects you want to store.

A typical declaration is:

struct object {
tommy_node node;
// other fields

Field Documentation

struct tommy_node_struct* tommy_node_struct::next

Next node.

The tail node has it at 0, like a 0 terminated list.

struct tommy_node_struct* tommy_node_struct::prev

Previous node.

The head node points to the tail node, like a circular list.

void* tommy_node_struct::data

Pointer to the object containing the node.

This field is initialized when inserting nodes into a data structure.

tommy_key_t tommy_node_struct::key

Key used to store the node.

With hashtables this field is used to store the hash value. With lists this field is not used.

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