Data Fields
tommy_hashdyn_struct Struct Reference

Hashtable container type. More...

Data Fields

tommy_hashdyn_node ** bucket
 Hash buckets. More...
tommy_uint_t bucket_bit
 Bits used in the bit mask. More...
tommy_count_t bucket_max
 Number of buckets. More...
tommy_count_t bucket_mask
 Bit mask to access the buckets. More...
tommy_count_t count
 Number of elements. More...

Detailed Description

Hashtable container type.

Don't use internal fields directly, but access the container only using functions.

Field Documentation

tommy_hashdyn_node** tommy_hashdyn_struct::bucket

Hash buckets.

One list for each hash modulus.

tommy_uint_t tommy_hashdyn_struct::bucket_bit

Bits used in the bit mask.

tommy_count_t tommy_hashdyn_struct::bucket_max

Number of buckets.

tommy_count_t tommy_hashdyn_struct::bucket_mask

Bit mask to access the buckets.

tommy_count_t tommy_hashdyn_struct::count

Number of elements.

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